We are experienced in patent field. In our patent team, we have many attorneys who started their practice more than fifteen years ago. The technical backgrounds of our patent attorneys and patent engineers include biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, mechanical, electrical, telecom field, and we are able to provide services in all technical fields.
Our services specially include:

I Patent Prosecution
• Domestic application for patent for invention, utility model and design
• Foreign application for patent for invention, utility model and design
• PCT international application
• Hong Kong patent Applications
• Macao patent applications

II Reexamination and Invalidation
• Reexamination
• Invalidation
• Administrative Litigation for reexamination and invalidation cases

III Infringement
• Sending warning letter
• Investigation of infringement of patent
• Litigation of infringement of patent
• Record in the customs and request the customs to take action of protection
• Request for administration action against patent infringement

IV Others
• Counseling
• Training
• Patent search
• Management of annuities
• Recording of transfer and assignment
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