We are providing services in counseling clients on a wide range in professional field of copyright industries and assisting them in solving all the copyright issues. Our considerate services achieved praise from local and foreign clients.
Our services specially include:

I Copyright of Work
• Record of Copyright of Work
• Record of Contract of Copyrights
• Record of pledge for copyrights
• Record of Matter in relation to Copyrights
• Solving Dispute of Copyright
• Drafting licenses and other copyright related agreements
• Handling various copyright infringement actions
• Defending against infringement claims

II Copyright of Software
• Record of Copyright of Software
• Record of Contract of Assignment of Software or Contract of License of Software
• Record of Change in relation to Software or Supplemental record
• Record of pledge for copyright of software
• Reissue of certificate of record of copyright of software
• Solving Dispute in relation to the Copyright of Software
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