We are dedicated to offering our domestic and oversea clients professional services of trademark management and all-around trademark protection. We have accumulated rich experience in trademark application and confirmation of ownership of trademark right and settlement of infringement. To support our client’s rights keeping in force, we built up a reliable in-house case-management and search system that ensures the effective control and supervision of follow-up proceedings. All of our staff have good accomplishments with grasp of professional knowledge and received vocational training courses regularly.

We have established close relationships with intellectual organs or law firms of main regions or countries of the world. Our first-class specialized services made us a steady base of clients. As an increased number of Chinese domestic enterprises play important roles in international intercourse, they have realized the importance of obtaining the protection of intellectual property right. To meet great demand of our domestic markets, we always make a tailored strategy of worldwide protection of trademark rights for each client.
Our trademark services specially include:

I Application for registration
• Monitoring of Trademark
• Trademark Search
• Trademark Registration(Ordinary trademark、Collective Trademark、Certification Trademark)
• Application for Trademark Opposition
• Response to Opposition
• Record of Change of Trademark Application/Registration Matters
• Assignment of Trademark
• Renewal of Trademark
• License of Trademark
• Cancellation for non-use for three consecutive years
• Removal of registered trademark
• Re-issuance of modification/ assignment/ renewal certificate
• Obtaining certified copy of registration certificate/certification of priority right
• Record of pledge for trademark registration

II Review of Trademark
• Review on refused trademark application
• Adjudication on disputed registered trademark
• Response to review of adjudication on opposition and adjudication on disputed registered trademark
• Establishment of Well-known Trademark

III Trademark Protection in other countries
• Madrid Trademark Registration
• Community Trademark Registration
• Trademark Registration in individual country

IV Protection of Trademark Rights
• Sending Warning Letter
• Investigation of Infringement of Trademark
• Litigation of Infringement of Trademark
• Recordation for Custom Protection and Request the Customs to take action of protection
• Litigation of Issue of Trademark and Trade Name
• Request for Administration Action against Trademark Infringement
• Administrative Litigation against the Decision Made by the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board

V Other Services
• Drafting licenses, assignments and other related agreements
• Ddefending against infringement claims
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